Lower Parcel, Looking Southwest

Upper Parcel Entrance Looking Northeast


6 thoughts on “THE DESIGN

  1. I think thats a good idea for the community an for the students to around are community its giving us more time to focus an to be more creative with are ideas…

    • Thank you for your support! I’m glad this project inspires you…It came out of the ideas of former GPHS students. We think it will be a great place for art, community, education, food and many other activities. Here are some ways you can help make Three Ring Gardens happen: 1)Write to your local Council Member, State Representative or the Governor. 2)Talk to people, family, friends and neighbors about what this park would mean to you. 3)Write to a local newspaper or have your class and/or friends 4)start a blog about why Three Ring Gardens is important to you. You have a powerful voice and what you have to say is valuable.

    • That is a great question and an important one. Hope is the first and most important ingredient. You’re right, 2 million dollars is a lot of money. What’s interesting about Three Ring Gardens is that it’s much more than a park. In actuality, it’s a mixture of some larger systemic issues, like transportation, open space and food systems. You can see the diagram representing those systems on the Home Page of the blog. We think the design and programming of Three Ring Gardens will bring about greater equity, healthier living, dynamic education, a stronger sense of community within the area and spur more investment in local development and businesses. It takes much more than money to buy into a project like this. Thanks again…We love getting questions and feedback.

  2. If Gordon Parks own that land, how long will it take Gordon Parks to turn it into a park? Also, how is the meeting about getting the land going so far?

    • Sorry about the late response on your comment, for some reason we weren’t notified of your comment. Thanks for your question! While we’re working on setting up a phasing plan for Three Ring Gardens, we’d like to see it built within 5 years. These vacant lots are on prime real estate, when the light rail goes in, we anticipate that the price of these lots will increase dramatically. This means we need to purchase the properties as soon as possible in order to secure them as open spaces for the community. Land acquisition is a slow process. We receive lots of support daily and that support is beginning to translate into skill sets, services and consulting, all of which are tremendously helpful in getting a project like this off the ground and running. We will be having a community event at the end of November to really put this initiative in the public eye in hopes to gain more support. We will keep you posted on any progress we make!

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