Serving the largest alternative, at-risk high school in the Twin Cities, over 800 low-income, new immigrant residents of Skyline Tower as well as the community at large. In this video, youth from Skyline Tower speak in support of Three Ring Gardens and why they would benefit from this type of park.



This aerial image highlights the regional location of the future site of Three Ring Gardens.





This aerial map is a close-up view of the future location of Three Ring Gardens. Illustrated in this image, the location is currently surrounded by a highway, an arterial road and a sea of parking lots.




This diagram illustrates the lack of greenspace near Gordon Parks High School, Skyline Tower and other nearby residents. As mentioned in their video, Skyline residents often feel isolated in their neighborhood with virtually no greenspace in the area. Walking to the nearest park is unsafe for youth as it means crossing fast moving cars on busy streets.





Greenspace: Green Parking Lots: Gray and labeled Buildings: Dark Gray.

Existing site conditions are virtually void of greenspace. However, as shown in this diagram, Three Ring Gardens will create almost 2.5 acres of greenspace and vegetated connections where there currently are none.





Previously mentioned, this site is virtually void of greenspace, yet, as shown here, it clearly acts as a hub for educational organizations and institutions. Three Ring Gardens will serve not just as a public park, it will also serve as an educational destination, unique to the region. Please see the Masterplan below for details on what Three Ring Gardens will provide.








4 thoughts on “THE IMPACT

  1. i would like to see what hapeend when .. the people are working on it done and what is we using it for to.. seem like we are trying to make more building for good reasons so i would love to se the out come when its all done 🙂

    • We’re happy you like what has been done so far. Like you, we want to see Three Ring Gardens happen. What’s interesting about Three Ring Gardens is that it’s much more than a park. In actuality, it’s a mixture of some larger systemic issues, like transportation, open space and food systems. Each of these things aren’t easy to come by in this neighborhood. You can see the diagram representing those systems on the Home Page of the blog. We think the design and programming of Three Ring Gardens will bring about greater equity, healthier living, dynamic education, a stronger sense of community within the area and spur more investment in local development and businesses. We want your support! Here are some ways you can help make Three Ring Gardens happen: 1)Write to your local Council Member, State Representative or the Governor. 2)Talk to people, family, friends and neighbors about what this park would mean to you. 3)Write to a local newspaper or have your class and/or friends 4)start a blog about why Three Ring Gardens is important to you. You have a powerful voice and what you have to say is valuable.

  2. I want to see the Three Ring Garden happen because many people will benefit from the healthy, clean, green space. It will show we are moving forward to create a more efficient community and a healthier world with minimal pollution.

    • You’re absolutely right, Three Ring Gardens certainly stands to benefit thousands of people. This project is blazing a trail by connecting schools with transit-oriented urban agriculture and open space by blending food systems, with education, job accessibility and active living. Thank you for your comment…We’d love to hear more!

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