Fantastic Urban Futures Bike Ride featuring THREE RING GARDENS

Fantastic Urban Futures helped to spotlight Three Ring Gardens, bringing its presence to the awareness of city officials and other neighborhood organizations while garnering further support. The event helped  clarify the importance of the project within the neighborhood and the region. Excitement was high for this nationally unique project in the heart of the Twin Cities, see additional information here.

This a video clip from the Three Ring Gardens stop along the Fantastic Urban Futures Bike Tour on October 15 led by Rebar.  Anna Lawrence Bierbrauer and Miss Emily Lowery talk with a community group from Skyline Tower and folks on the Fantastic Futures tour about possibilities for two empty lots next to Gordon Parks High School.  Three Ring Gardens is a SDA proposed community greenspace along the central corridor.  The space could be used to extend Gordon Parks High School’s urban agriculture program and a community gathering space for residents of Skyline Tower and the surrounding area.

Community Meeting in November 2011

There will be a public meeting about Three Ring Gardens in early November at Gordon Parks High School. The purpose of this event is to introduce the project and answer any questions. More details to follow.

Notes from Stakeholder Event

Meeting called to order by Micheal Thompson

Present: Derek Schilling, Miss Emily Lowery, Anna Bierbrauer, Micheal Thompson, Kathy Kelley, Brenda Petry, Georgia Kroupa, Shannon Forney and more that did not sign in.

Regarding the ownership puzzle:

  • Speak with Tim Griffin, from Riverfront Corp.
  • City is not supporting parks, but could still be an owner for an open space like this.
  • The selling point of this endeavor is that it is a new initiative, unlike other ventures.
  • St. Paul Public School Foundation could be an owner.
  • John Pore, from Eco Ed, might be a support connection for this.
  • City of St. Paul. we met with them last spring.  Now is the time to meet again.
  • Central High School might be a partner: science classes, etc.
  • Highlight the pedestrian corridor aspect of property: Griggs Bikeway.

Consulting Team:

  • William Mitchell College of Law students might support this endeavor
  • Jeff Evans, previous president, Friends of the Boundary Waters might be an ally
  • Get someone with a marketing background: Trevor Miller, U of M.


  • Put student photography on the blog
  • Show the student perspective

Hired position duties: -Oversee initial recruitment of team, Marketing, Organizational Structure, Fundraising, Development plan, Management plan

Next steps: Let people know about Fantastic Futures & Organizing for November community event – “Novent.”

Three Ring Gardens at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Sustainability Fair!

Derek Schilling, from Students for Design Activism (in the University of Minnesota Landscape Architecture Department), speaks to incoming students about Three Ring Gardens and answers questions about the who, what, where and why.