Gordon Parks High School  |  Published on Jun 25, 2012  |  Three Ring Gardens: A Student Vision 

From an eyesore to a community asset: students at Gordon Parks High School decided that two empty lots behind their high school should be transformed into an outdoor learning center and a vibrant space for community recreation and gardening. In order to tell YOU all about it, students in Tom Davies’ Social Studies class chose to work with filmmaker Cully Gallagher to produce this video. Most of the students had never used a video camera before, but quickly became media producers: shooting, conducting interviews, recording audio, and editing. Click here to view video.

Union Park District Council Letter of Support |  PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2011


Twin Cities Daily Planet  |  Published on August 16th, 2011 | Skyline Tower Youth Support Gordon Parks Green Space



10 thoughts on “SUPPORT

  1. i think a good idea to help keep the green space clan is to have kids and teachers help but also to give an incentive to make them want to join and help what do you think

    • I think you hit on a foundational idea, that idea being community. The Three Ring Gardens location is central to educational organizations, youth, transportation, bike ways and future light rail stations, making it a convenient place for congregation. Whether they’re sharing tips on how to grow onions or sharing life stories, the central location will allow people of many backgrounds to share, talk and learn with from another. Most people become inspired when they see another group of people working together for a meaningful cause; We think Three Ring Gardens will benefit and inspire the region and become an incentive for other cities within the country to think innovatively about food, open space and transportation as a new model for community. Thanks for your question! We love the support!

      • i like how we students at gordon parks has become more responsible and taking on more roles not jus at school but in the community as well

      • You’re absolutely right. Three Ring Gardens is the idea of Gordon Parks High School students; when this project goes through, the students of GPHS will be well known community role models, representing how students can be innovative thinkers at any age.

  2. It sounds really ambitious, and if taken in small steps I think it could eventually be done. A lot of connections would be manditory in my opinion, but as far as education goes, that should not be hard to find.

    • Thanks Michael! The project is certainly educationally focused. There is no doubt that Gordon Parks High School could serve as a national flagship model for public-private community greenspace partnerships within an educational setting. The project has seen a lot of support from the city of St. Paul, ranging from council members to district representatives and many other organizations. It’s great to hear from you…please feel free to ask any questions or provide comments – they’re always appreciated!

  3. i think that while the financial’s are being sorted out we should as a school or as a small group start picking up the area to show how dedicated we are to get this location. whether or not we should do it as part of a school or on our own time is up to the school but in my opinion i am willing to work on the area on my own time. if we all work together to clean the area not only would it cost us less money in the long run but also show that this is important to us.

    • It’s never too early to take pride in your community – pride forms identity; taking care in the area and creating identity through positive action is critical to any person or organization. Gordon Parks can serve to be a leader through positive action within area…it certainly has by initiating the Three Ring Gardens project.

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